He Marketed the Heck out of the Home!

We had our home on the market with the first realtor outside of the ELP network to save a few bucks. That decision yielded 9 showings over 3 MONTHS. We then decided to go the ELP route and were contacted by Stephen Hundley. The very first conversation had me feeling confident that we were going to sell this house quickly. He came by and did an awesome presentation that was very informative and included the mutual respect we shared for Dave and how he is helping others . He then suggested some landscaping and staining of wood post. He was always in touch with us and responded to questions we had very quickly. He marketed the heck out of the home and within 3 WEEKS we had 9 showings and 2 offers…we took the 2nd offer and the rest is history! I really can’t articulate how pleasant it was working with this guy! Stephen, thank you for restoring our faith in people and business by the way you handled yourself. Good luck in your future and God bless!

— Laurin